Top iCasino Manager will be reviewing the latest and greatest online casino slot video games released. We suffer greatly from a reduced attention span, and therefore the games reviewed will be action-packed, bursting with slick graphics and punchy audio. No Sleeping Beauty or Princess type casino games here. Oh hell no!

We rely on a network of super nerdy online casino slotĀ  and casino reviewers. We have a goal, and that is to bring you honest appraisals and commentary. A lot of sites love glossing over the bad bits to highlight the good. We will give you the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you have what it takes and would like to submit a review, please feel free to contact us. You won’t be paid for it, but you may just get published with a lovely big shiny photo (but only if you’re pretty).

We have friends in high places you know – expect a sneak preview when no one else has seen a new casino video slot.