Live Speed Baccarat

What if you like Baccarat, but you are looking for something more, an upgraded version of it? Luckily for you, Evolution Gaming live casino has been offering the answer to your question. The central fact to know here is that a standard Baccarat takes 48 seconds per a game. But, the Live Speed Baccarat takes only 27 seconds. As such, this is a fast-paced game which offers the highest level of appeal, and it is more than just popular at the moment.

This casino card game offers you the ability to play it using any device you have in mind. You can use a computer, smartphone or a tablet. On the other hand, there is no capability to use multiple cameras. As you may believe, the game is all about the fast and straightforward playing of the game you can enjoy at any given moment. Keep in mind that the game is focused on speed playing, without the waste of time on any other feature.

How To Play Live Speed Baccarat

Considering that most of you have already played Baccarat, there is no need to explain the rules. In reality, all the rules are the same as in conventional Baccarat. Dont know how to play Baccarat? Check our step by step guide. This means that you will enjoy eight decks of cards and there is no random shuffling, of course, the game is available to play in real money.

The game will begin with a dealer giving two cards to all players. Betting must be completed within 12 seconds, due to the fact this is a fast-paced game. Also, players will have 12 seconds to join the next round or to leave the table. Perhaps all of this sounds like extremely fast or confusing, but in the live Baccarat of this kind, the rules and betting are almost performed automatically, so there is no need to waste your time.

How To Win Live Speed Baccarat

In the Live Speed Baccarat, there are three possible outcomes. A player can win, a banker will win or tie, meaning that there is no a winner. The third card is mostly used when the specific score is implemented or when a player has a total of 5. Now, betting takes less than 12 seconds, as we have mentioned, but the winning is identical to the standard game. As such, winning of 1:1, 0.95:1 or 8:1 are all possible.
In this case scenario, there is no lost bet! Besides, the winning chances are given a suitable payout which may vary or be different considering the players and the table features.

Live Speed Baccarat Review

As you can see, the Live Speed Baccarat is a modified version of the standard Baccarat. Yes, there are no multiple camera options, but the game is fun, appealing and it can be more than just rewarding. In general, Live Speed Baccarat is mostly played by expert players who are almost bored with the standard game. They need a fast-paced version of the game in question, and they are capable of playing all the requirements in under 12 seconds.